Career Point College Donates Computers to Elementary School

IMG_0083Technology plays an important role in education today. Every year new technology emerges which provides additional ways in which students learn in the classroom.

SAYES has provides great resources for schools in our community in need of supplies, classroom essentials, and technology. Career Point College is proud to take part of such a great initiative.

Career Point College identified computers not being used by faculty and staff. The IT Department at Career Point College restored the computers to new and provided updated software for students to use for the upcoming school year. The computers were ready to go and Career Point College donated the used computers to New Life Christian Academy Hybrid, specific to their elementary science lab.

Students at New Life Christian Academy Hybrid will begin school on Monday, August 22 and will be welcomed with new school supplies, classroom essentials and computers in their science lab.

A second donation to New Life Christian Academy Hybrid is upcoming as additional computers get restored and are ready for use.