#FIESTASTRONG Blood Drive Helps Career Point College Surpass Their Goal

cpc-blog-042116-350x282Career Point College in partnership with South Texas Blood and Tissue Center hosted a FIESTA-themed blood drive on April 20 at both the mall campus and Spencer Lane campus. Over 100 guests gathered at the event to donate and celebrate life.

Mayor Ivy Taylor was in attendance to help encourage others to donate blood.

“We can all help save a life by simply donating blood”, said Mayor Taylor. “Blood drives like the one we have today are extremely important. So go home and tell 10 people to give blood!”

Career Point College set a goal to donate 65 units of blood during the April 20th festivities. We were able to surpass that goal due to the overwhelming support of our faculty, students and staff that helped spread the word about why donating blood matters. Career Point College donated over 90 units of blood that day.

By partnering with South Texas Blood and Tissue, Career Point College was able to provide an additional educational resource to students as well as the community. Our nursing students were able to learn first-hand from experts about the donation process; from the initial donation, to the final implementation to the recipient. Students were also taking action during the blood drive by providing care at the recharge station, to continue to learn about patient interaction.

Career Point College would like to thank all the faculty and staff who helped make this event successful and to South Texas Blood and Tissue Center for being a great example to our students and to our community.