Tulsa Employee Recognized as “Educator of the Year”

cpc-blog-040616-188x233Rebecca Marks-Jimerson, Community Relations Advisor for Career Point College Tulsa Campus was named “Educator of the Year” by The Oklahoma Press Club. In order to receive this distinguished award, candidates must inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn, and have respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues.

The candidate should also play an active, useful role in the community as well as in their school, and be poised, articulate and possess the energy to withstand a taxing schedule. Rebecca Marks-Jimerson has proved to be a leader in the community and on campus.

“Being chosen as Educator of the Year involves my constant visiting schools and colleges across the state alone with various speaking engagements,” said Rebecca. “I’m honored to have been recognized for my passion.”

The Oklahoma Press Club, Oklahoma’s oldest and largest communications organization established in 1902, established the Educator of the year in 1994. The selection committee is composed of the press members who cover education issues around the state of Oklahoma and Educators from secondary and Higher Ed institutions, and a rotation of elected officials.